Shuts Down after Raid goes offlineThe morning of February 11th of 2015 became a nightmare for Bryan Micon and his family when armed law enforcement officers broke down the door of his Las Vegas home. According to Micon, equipped with a search warrant from the Nevada Gaming Commission, the officers forcibly entered the domicile waving guns in the presence of his wife and 2-year-old daughter. He was handcuffed and removed to the front yard, as the men confiscated his electronic devices. The search and seizure took place secondary to his affiliation with the Bitcoin poker site known as

Micon formerly enjoyed residing in city known for gambling and was fond of the World Series of Poker. However, he believes that the success of the unlicensed online poker site did not sit well with the commission, which in turn initiated surveillance of the man and his activities. Online gambling is legal in the state. However, sites must acquire Nevada licenses, which ensures that the state receives revenue shares. Curiously, instead of charging Micon with criminal activities after his detainment and retrieval of his computers, he was released without charges.

Once released from custody, Micon and his family packed and flew to Antigua where they plan on living in peace, free of what he considers a “police state.” Followers of the poker fan undoubtedly wondered what events transpired that caused his Twitter posts to go silent and the site to shut down. On February 20, players were merely asked to cash-out or withdraw funds using the form provided. Former site associates released a statement that they would no longer be affiliated with the operation.

After re-locating to Antigua, Micon began clearing the air on Twitter and created a video explaining the circumstances that caused the disruption.

Bryan Micon has now restart the site at to replace

Bryan Micon is seals with clubs

Bryan Micon at the WSOP representing

Micon may never be able to re-enter the U.S. for fear of arrest and subsequent charges pending a full investigation. However, U.S. citizens who enjoy Bitcoin poker will still have the luxury of playing on his new online site.

The events that transpired on the 11th angered and frustrated Micon. Authorities informed him that he was under surveillance for an extended period of time. They visited his site, read his blogs and tweets in addition to witnessing his physical activities. With the extensive time spent getting to know him and his actions, Micon questioned why authorities felt the need to display such an act of force knowing full well that the home contained a toddler? He told officers that had they merely peaceably presented him with the warrant in the presence of fewer uniformed officers that he would have more than likely cooperated fully. A sufficient reply was not provided.

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