Nitrogen Sports

With the widespread talk of bitcoin, more and more gaming options are available that accept bitcoins. takes advantage of the flexibility of the new digital crypto currency and allows users to place sports bets with bitcoins.

One of the unique features of is that it accepts Bitcoin, allowing your betting to reside totally in your online currency. is very easy to use.  Minimum bet is 0.001 BTC.

Betting Account

When you first visit the site, your account is automatically created for you! This is also the nature of Bitcoin. Unlike many private payment processors, Bitcoin is totally transparent and anonymous. This means that you don’t need to put in your address, phone number, or any other personal information. Say goodbye to the days of having to put your personal information all over the internet just to be able to buy something or gamble! The website puts a “cookie” on your computer when you first enter, and it gives you an account link. This makes it so that, just like with Bitcoin, you do not have to put in any personal information.

Regardless of what sport you are interested in betting on, is sure to have it. From the NCAA tournament to Chinese basketball to cricket, has it all. The process is really quite easy. After going to the website and having your account created, there is an intuitive side bar with all of the various sports, leagues, and games all in branching sub-menus to ensure easy access to lots of sports information.

The Bet Slip – All YOUR Bets

The site uses what is called a “bet slip,” which is another innovative feature of This allows you to easily manage all of the games you are betting on. It lets you keep track of how much Bitcoin you have bet on a single event, helping you to manage your money even better than before. Additionally, the bet slip will give you up to the minute statuses on all the events you are interested in.

What Fees? No Fees Here

Let’s go over some of the advantages of using a betting site that accepts Bitcoin. For one, there is no foreign transaction fee. That means that regardless of where you live, or what the laws are governing currency changing where you are, you can use Bitcoin on to bet on all the games. Another valid advantage of using Bitcoin rather than credit cards and bank wires is that there is anonymity associated with it.

Transactions are Safe

The payment scheme is also completely transparent, as all transactions are publicly visible on the internet, ensuring that there is no corruption that leads to loss of money for you. You may have concerns that Bitcoin is a transient currency and not here to stay. However, Bitcoin is a very fast growing currency. It has been around for years now, and there are even beginning to be Bitcoin ATMs. Some have already launched in Canada, New Mexico and Massachusetts.