is sending out ripples of positive change in the pool of online betting. The site brings together various betting options under one roof, making it possible to participate in sports, blackjack, baccarat, video poker and Hi-Lo betting without switching from one website to another. As the name suggests, the site enables you to place bets and receive rewards in Bitcoins which you can transform into actual cash through Bitcoin ATMs. However, you may also sell the cryptocurrency at prevailing online exchange rates from any part of the globe since the transaction can be undertaken with the help of a smartphone. Other than these, there are other numerous features that make a great choice.

My opinion of  Their site is very basic and not too flashy. I liked their Blackjack game. I’m including it on BBR because of their long track record and history of paying customers on time and having a fair casino that is legitimate.

Superior Code for Optimized Performance

A review by various experts with years of experience in online betting note that the site’s HTML5 generated codes makes it one of kind. Unlike other betting sites that rely on Adobe Flash, the site’s HTML5 features run well on Linux and Mac OSX despite the fact that the two Operating Systems can’t access Graphics Processing Unit or GPU, for short. This means that the betting site is universally accessible and this increases the number of participants which in turn makes the site fun and challenging enough to elevate your online betting experience.

Elaborate Betting Fixtures

The betting site offers an array of sporting events that you can bet on with a lot of ease given its elaborate fixtures, which include dates, match-up and money line. Sports categories such soccer and hockey gives you the option to bet on men or women teams depending on the confidence you have on either team or the amount of money that’s up for grabs. Other sports such as basketball are sub-categorized according to national rankings making it possible to place your bet on a little known local team that you understand well enough to accurately predict its chances of winning the match.

Fortified Safety

Though it’s nearly impossible to steal Bitcoins because of its traceable and hard to crack public-key cryptography features, there are instances where the cryptocurrency can be stolen using malware and ransomware software programs. Thefts of this kind can on some occasions be successfully investigated and the money refunded back to your electronic wallet. There are however instances where online hackers and tricksters can launder the electronic currency via servers that are not part of the public web, making them nearly impossible to trace. has taken care of this problem through software applications that validate URLs using a higher version of a system known as Cross Origin Resource Sharing, abbreviated as CORS. In addition to these, the system only allows selected domains to access the site as it automatically discards domain names that spew a whiff of suspicious or illegal online activities. Consequently, you can perfect your online betting skills and build an impressive Bitcoin investment portfolio.

High Level Privacy Standards

There isn’t a single review that does not touch on the site’s efficiency in keeping its members personal information private, making it possible to take part in any of the betting processes discreetly. The site is as well designed to enable you to deposit and withdraw cash from your betting account without raising any eyebrows, getting you into a legal mess or taking you through complicated cash movement process that may make lose your Bitcoins.

Other than having a reliable customer care desk to help you sail through any difficulties or complications that may arise, it’s also possible to learn a number of betting tips from the sites blog, providing you the opportunity to win enough bets to satisfy your online betting dreams and ambitions.

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