is not an “all bitcoin” sportsbook.  They are a traditional sportsbook that uses bitcoin to move money to/from their site.  The bitcoin is converted immediately at the current rate and then all bets are made in USD.

Unlike in other sportsbooks, takes a routine of $5,000 bets while the others take $100 bets. Actually, it is more than enough to say that this is the leading offshore business. It is the site where all line begins, with other sportsbooks taking the position after criticizers have managed to reach a number of players. Apart from that, this is where most of professional players place their bets. Due to high number of bets turning out, successful players find their limits being cut due to winning too much. In fact, players walk away with million dollars while their limits are not yet cut. It is actually a large operation, which has been established suitable for sophisticated players who bet even above $500 in a single event.

About is situated in San Jose, Costa Rica. It is part of the BetCRIS family of online gaming, which is well established financially. It offers safe and secure methods of online sports betting, as well as telephone betting to their clients. It leads in authenticity and business ethics, as well as fighting against fraud online. It boasts in its privacy setting, ensuring every individual is not exposed to the public. No matter your status in the society, there is nothing to worry about whenever you join this sportsbook. They ensure that all your personal details are not exposed to anyone. They do not report, and they will never report, any government officials to any government agency once they make deals. Another interesting thing with this sportsbook is that they offer latest betting lines, which other sportsbooks get late before taking action. There is nothing to lose while waiting to place your bet. mainly targets recreational and professional sports players to place their bets. They cater for all people; either you are a learner or experienced bettor. This is reflected by the minimum wager amount of $5, and maximum amount of $20,000. However, higher amounts are acceptable upon request. Interestingly, this sportsbook does not restrict players, no matter the country of origin. They welcome all players from all over the world, though they do not accept bettors from Washington and Maryland. As said earlier on, they handle customers professionally. Customer care representatives speak precisely and clearly to their clients. There are staff members, with abilities to speak in different languages such as Spanish, English, and Chinese. They consider speaking to clients through telephone because it is much easier and convenient compared to email. Email communication is still available in case the client is unreachable through a phone call. However, their email communication is a bit poor because they can take up to even 2 days before getting back to you.

Depositing and Withdrawing

  • Bitcoin is the best – Fast (same day) & Free.  The limits on bitcoin deposits are $10-$50,000.
  • Credit cards is also an option, with a $2,500 limit and will have fees.
  • Bank wires is an option and will have fees.
  • Checks are available for a fee and will take 2 weeks

Sometimes there might be a method of depositing that has not been advertised.

Bonus Info

Bookmaker offers a 50% bonus for every initial deposit at the sportsbook. Maximum bonus is $300.  Their is also a 50% bonus up to $300 for their casino games.

There is pretty much alsways a reload bonus if you want to make more deposits.  Interestingly, they offer special bonuses to their clients periodically. They also offer 8% cash back for any horse betting made by all clients.