is a Fraud

bitcoin live bets is a scam

This is the current warning on which is apparently designed to give the owner some time to run. (aka Bitcoin Live Bets) has been down since July 12 and players are pissed. There are reports from plenty of bettors who are waiting for their:

  • pending btc withdrawls
  • pending World Cup bonus payment
  • winning bets to be graded

And of course their are some players who kept a balance at BitcoinLiveBets that are apparently also screwed.  I do not recommend anybody leaving a balance at any bitcoin sportsbook.  Payments and wager grading are very fast from the better bitcoin sportsbooks – so there is no reason to leave a balance. The person asshole running the BitcoinLiveBets Scam has not responded to anybody and is currently MIA.  Since July 13, 2014 the website has stated:

Short maintenance work. Back in a few hours.

This temporary maintenance notice is a joke, considering it’s been over 8 days without any announcement/statement from this “cpompany” or the owner.  This is nothing like the closure, where everybody was paid. If owes you money, let others know about it on this thread and the amount they owe you in this thread.

bitcoinlivebets website

The website prior to July 12, 2014.

Also – I just noticed a week before shutting down and running with the money, the owner was actually selling shares of the company in .5% increments.  This red flag almost suggests this whole “shut down” was planned to scam as much btc as possible from people.

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2 Responses to “ is a Fraud”

  1. Last year bitcoinlivebets stealing all my winnings (30 BTC) but almost nobody believed for my words.

    I warned everybody more times not to play on there site.

    if you click on bitcoinlivebets at you can see:


    if you click on trust there is my topic too behind the reference link:


    I was sure that they will disappear sooner or later. ( i said 1-3 month on March 09, 2014, 10:45:05 PM )
    ” will disappear within 1-3 month after some big players with big balances try to withdrawal all their funds and only some of them will get it before the site closing.”

    i opened at least 6 topics : stealing all my winnings 30 BTC arbs/middles between bitcoinlivebets and other sites real story : how bitcoincasinopro handling issues

    i wrote (private) messages about this issue to all bitcoin sports books (at bitcointalkorg), but they do nothing and to top it all bitcoincasinopro contribute to bitcoinlivebets

    It is obviously for a 10 years old child, who could use calculator that bitcoinlivebets added a fake bet (above 10 times more stake than the max. 3 BTC) to my account to
    (the old links does not work)

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