It wasn’t so very long ago when people thought that playing poker online was a risky and futuristic thing. Now it’s common to be able to sit down to a poker game with people from Japan, Turkey, England and Brazil, win some cash, and get on with your day. Online gambling has taken another step forward into the future by embracing Bitcoins, and with sites like and, you can get started yourself! Before you start gambling with Bitcoins, however, make sure that you are aware of a few facts.

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What Is Bitcoin?
The easiest way of explaining what Bitcoin is to explain what it is not. Where the dollar is linked to the United States, and where the yen is linked to China and the pound to the UK, Bitcoin is a type of currency that is only linked to the Internet. It provides a universal type of currency that is used exclusively online for online transactions, but otherwise, it operates just like the dollar or the yen or the pound.

How Do I Use Bitcoin to Play Poker?

You use Bitcoin to play poker just the way you might use dollars or pounds. First you must find a poker game that allows Bitcoin. As mentioned above, and are two of the most prominent Bitcoin poker games around, and they both receive fairly high reviews for their service. You will find then find a conversion site that allows you to buy Bitcoins for your local currency. After that, you will play as you always do, and then you will return to the site to exchange your Bitcoins for your local currency.

What to Expect at Bitcoin Poker Sites

The first thing that many longtime online poker players will notice is that Bitcoin poker games tend to be a bit no-frills. The graphics are fairly primitive, and there is an early Internet feel to a lot of the games that you will sit down at. Bitcoin is not yet a popular medium for online poker, though experts predict that that will change as time goes on and as people become more comfortable with Internet currency.

The next thing to remember is that the number of people playing with Bitcoin is fairly low. Because at this point Bitcoin poker games are still something that you need to seek you, you will discover that this is something that will pit you against poker players of all kinds. If you are relatively skilled, this is a good way to play with a whole new crowd!

Another thing to be aware of is that Bitcoin has a bit of a reputation for volatility. The exchange rate for Bitcoin is actually more stable than it is for some other currencies, but be ready if you see some ups and downs. This is something that should be accounted for when you are thinking about the exchanges.

Finding the Best Bitcoin Poker Site

Whether you have been playing online poker for years or you are just getting started, you will quickly realize that not every Bitcoin online poker game is created equal. Read the reviews, look for great promotions, and make sure that you choose a game with a comfortable user interface. It does not have to be fancy, but it should give you a comfortable way to interact with the game and with the other players.

When you are thinking about trying Bitcoin poker games, get started slowly and feel your way through it. This is not very different from regular online poker, and there may be some amazing benefits to this kind of game for you!