Betcoin Sports

In business since 2012, is a site offering an online Bitcoin casino environment and sports betting all in one. Designed exclusively for the use of Bitcoins, the site offers a variety of different types of games divided into two primary categories: casino games and sports betting.

Under the sports betting category, users are able to choose from an array of options, including basketball, football, soccer, horses, hockey, baseball, MMA, boxing, racing, golf, UFC, tennis, Formula 1, and Nascar. Under the Bitcoin casino category, there is also an array of choices, such as blackjack, poker, craps, slots, Baccarat, and roulette.

The Negative

In terms of drawbacks, there are two small disadvantages to the site. Since it is a Bitcoin site, the only accepted method of payment is Bitcoins. Naturally, that can be handled rather easily. It is also worth noting that the site is only available in English, which could be a potential drawback for users who are not fluent in that language.  Also, you can only request withdrawals Mon-Fri 10am-10pm which can be a problem for some.

Deposit Bonus for 1 Free BTC

The site does offer a 100% deposit match bonus up to one bitcoin. Users are required to make at least 10 wagers in the sports book and 10 games in the site’s casino in order for the bonus to apply.¬†Users are required to make at least 20 wagers in the sportsbook or the casino for the bonus to apply, however. Additionally, the total amount of wagers must exceed the bonus amount in order for a user to make a withdrawal. A referral program is available to encourage users to refer their friends to join the site and play. Getting started using the site is relatively easy, although it is necessary to enter data that includes a username, email address, and password.

The Site

BetcoinSports is not the most sophisticated site in terms of graphic design; however, this proves to be an advantage as it makes the site easy to navigate and find precisely what you want. With so many options available in the sports book and the casino, this is certainly a must. For instance, under the poker category in the casino, the site offers both Texas Hold’em Poker and video poker.

Approval times take place fairly quickly as long as you are playing between the hours of 10am and 10pm Eastern Standard Time. Between these times, account approvals usually take only 15 minutes, usually less. If you are trying to get your account approved after hours; however, you may be required to wait until the following morning.

Wagering with “Chips”

Since the site only accepts Bitcoins as payments, prospective users will need to have a Bitcoin wallet in order to play. This is accomplished by converting Bitcoins automatically to the site’s Universal Sports Dollars, also known as chips. The site equates 1 Bitcoin to 100 Universal Sports Dollars.

As is the case with most other similar sites, minimum and maximum wagers do apply. In the sports book, minimum wagers are set at 5 chips, which is equivalent to 0.005 BTC. The maximum wager in the sports book is 1,000 credits or 1 BTC. Minimum bets vary slightly in the casino, but are usually set at about 5 credits/0.005 BTC with maximum bets at 200 credits/0.2 BTC. With consistent play, you can increase your maximum wagers. Users should also be aware that there is a minimum deposit amount that is equal to 0.01 BTC. Minimum and maximum wagers can also be adjusted at any time by the site’s management.

“Cashing Out”

When users are ready to make withdrawals, allows withdrawals to be performed Monday through Friday from 10am to 10pm Eastern Standard Time. During off hours, withdrawals can take up to eight hours to complete. Additionally, a confirmation request may need to be completed for withdrawals that exceed 5 BTC. In order to make a withdrawal, users will need to have at least 10 credits/0.010 BTC in their accounts.