Betcoin was a much anticipated website, especially since there are not that many options for bitcoin poker players on the Internet. The website has managed to live up to the hype it created before its final launch, and has provided bitcoin poker players with a wide variety of poker variations to choose from.

Why Betcoin Poker?

  • The site is downloadable, which means that you can access it on your tablet, PC or phone. This gives you the option to play on the move. It is also available worldwide, which is another advantage of playing with bitcoins, because transactions do not require government approval.
  • An advantage that this site has over others is the different variations that it offers. Players are not just limited to playing Texas Holdem, but can either choose to personalise their games or play the numerous options that the site has to offer. Once an account has been created, the account holder has complete freedom to access any of the various games at no additional costs.
  • Betcoin has a deviation of poker that is their personal creation. This version is called ‘Teen Patti Poker’, and members on the site are given free access to this. This is a great option for bitcoin poker players, because there are not a lot of creative options out there for them unlike conventional poker sites.
  • There is a plethora of weekly and daily tournaments for people that prefer to play those. However, due to the fact that the site is a fairly new one, there is not that much traffic on it, which makes the experience less challenging.
  • It allows both bitcoin and litecoin usage on the site, which is an uncommon feature and adds to its appeal.
  • Promotions are a very common item on this site, with users receiving signing bonuses and other benefits as they use the site.
  • The website has a friendly and quick responding customer care department, which replies to queries within minutes.
  • There are so many bitcoin poker websites out there that only last a few months and end up disappearing on users taking their stored winnings along. Betcoin lets users transfer their winnings on and off the site at a very efficient pace, which gives users the option to transfer their money off the site at the end of the night. This allows peace of mind, especially with the volatility of the bitcoin poker scene.
  • Due to the fact that this site is fairly new, players do not face issues such as constant disconnects because the traffic is manageable. Users that are tired of such issues with the more common sites can enjoy that advantage here.
  • There are 30 games that you can choose from including black jack and sports betting portions of the website. The sports betting section deals with numerous sports including tennis and football, and the number of users betting is impressive for such a young page. All the sections are fast, easy to use, and safe. There are always tables available for users, and exchange of bitcoins between users requires a simple process with instant results.
  • On top of everything else, the site itself is very aesthetically pleasing, with rich colours, interactive designs and user friendly controls, all displayed beautifully.

Other Plus Points that come with being a BetCoin Member

  • Betcoin is known for catering to some of the highest payouts that have ever been given out in this business. This allows players to play and win big, with no limits. Multiple investors back the site, which may be why they are allowing such high payouts and promotions. New members have their initial amount doubled in the BetCoin sports section, which is the signing bonus.
  • The website currently uses flash, which is a drawback; however, the online buzz is that they will switch to HTML 5 pretty soon and that will shift more users on to their website.
  • The Betcoin team are innovators because the site is constantly being updated according to what the designers learn from user behaviour. This keeps the games stimulating, and helps the website hold its position as a major contender in the bitcoin poker market.

Bitcoin is a new creation and there is a lot of research taking place to understand it and work out the problems. The Bitcoin poker market is even younger than that, and even though there are numerous advantages in dealing with bitcoins as opposed to traditional money, there is no concrete proof that the governments will allow its use in the future, making this a very risky investment.

On the other hand gambling is always risky, and people that enjoy the thrill of that are the ones participating in the Bitcoin market. In conclusion, if anyone is looking for an alternative to the overcrowded and problematic bitcoin poker sites out there, then BetCoin Poker is a highly recommended page. Not just because of the variety, but also because it is a reliable site, which has been tried and tested by hundreds of users since its inception. This is also the most entertaining way to increase your bitcoin reserve, helping you reap the benefits of your hard work.